Here at T.O. Stanley Boots, we make the best boot possible, using the finest materials, techniques, equipment and craftsmen. By keeping our focus on this objective our company occupies and maintains the “Top Shelf” position in the boot manufacturing industry.

All of our bootmakers are certified before they ever make a T. O. Stanley boot. We train them to take the time to do it right and give them the ultimate incentive of pride.

Nowhere else in the industry can you find a better team of certified bootmakers than at T. O. Stanley, where the productivity of our bootmakers is measured by quality rather than speed.

Because we hold fast to our objective, we know that our boot is the best boot available today, at any price. Furthermore, T. O. Stanley customers know they can expect the highest quality in their boots whether they order a single pair or a thousand pair.

The fit is correct and the style is our unique blend of traditional and modern styling that places us “a step up”. A step up in quality, fit and style – the ultimate personal mission of T. O. Stanley.