Boot Styles and Options

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    Boot Styles
    Earpulls are stitched to each side of the boot collar.
    Collar designs
    More options available!
    Toe Foxing
    Add style to your boot tip.
    tall heels, short heels, narrow heels, the choice is yours with your custom T.O. Stanley boot.
    Scallop Styles
    The scallop is the shape of the top of your custom boot.
    Variety of toe shapes for your custom boots.
    Toe Medallions
    Stitch Patterns
    Fitting - VERY IMPORTANT
    The Brannock Device is the American standard of sizing and fitting. Because footware is made all over the world, it all varies in size. Take time to properly measure both feet while standing. You can find the Brannock Device in any reputable shoe store.
    More Stitch Patterns