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What people are saying…

“T.O. Stanley boots are probably the highest quality cowboy boots ever made.”
-Tyler Beard, Author – “The Art of the Boot”…

“There is nobody in the cowboy boot world who has continued to supply beautifully constructed boots while keeping one eye on tradition and another on the future and what styles and trends are on the horizon. A great man, a great bootmaker, a great Texan.”
– Tyler Beard, Author – “The Art of the Boot”….

“Whatever he does to make the best, that’s the way he does it.”
– Jim Jennings, Quarter Horse Journal….

“T.O., you are one of the best craftsmen in America!”
– Benny Binion, owner Binion’s Casino, Las Vegas….

“The craftsmanship of T.O. Stanley boots is truly an outstanding work of art!”
– Senator Joe Foss, The American Sportsman….

“The best boot I ever saw…”
– Judge Byron Matthews….

“Against the odds, T.O. has emerged as the finest bootmaker in the world.”
– Karla A. Lutz, Author….

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